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This article will mainly provide you with information on the different types of certified courses you can choose from when deciding to become an accounting or bookkeeping professional. The direction that you decide to take is completely up to you and will allow you to practice more functions. Please note that the further you go with your studies the more skilled you will be and in turn the more work will be available to you. Whether you decide to be an independent contractor or establish yourself with one company you can decide to study further or just practice the studies that you have completed. Below are some of the different types of courses you can complete to start practicing.�

Registered Tax Practitioner
Tax season occurs every year and for this reason there is always a huge demand for tax practitioners. Completing individual or business taxes is quite an intricate process and for that reason industries and individuals prefer to have a licensed practitioner complete their taxes annually. This type of practice will require you to be registered as a tax practitioner with your national tax governing body.

Certified Junior Bookkeeper
This field of study allows is a shorter course and with a nationally recognized certificate you will be able to fill various duties as a professional junior bookkeeper. You will be able to handle payroll functionalities at businesses and also have access to financial statements and transactions done by individuals and businesses. Once a diploma is received you will be considered as a registered junior bookkeeper.

Certified Senior Bookkeeper
With this field of study you will be able to handle quite a few more functions and responsibilities. Where duties like Payroll and tax returns will still be a part of your to-do list you will also be able to do cost and management accounting functions for the businesses you are employed by. This means that you will do the budget of the company you are working for. In other words you will assist in assuring a company or individual does not go over budget and provisions are made for over expenditure. Once again when a certificate is received you will be registered as a registered senior bookkeeper.

Certified Technical Financial Accountant
When obtaining this diploma you will have full aplikasi kasir toko accountancy rights, in other words your main duties will involve handling the accountancy side of Closed Corporations or individuals that require your services. You will most probably be employed as an Accounting Officer, this direction of study will include various software packages and more detail on income and expenditure, balancing financial statements and just about everything in relation to accounting. This is also a Certified Diploma.

Certified Financial Accountant
This course includes just about everything mentioned above. You will be certified to handle tax functionality, cost and management accounting, payroll and full accounting control. This diploma is meant for those individuals that are looking at a more advanced career in the accounting field, you will be learning a lot about all the functions and processes in your field and you would be in very high demand thanks to your knowledge and qualification. This is once again a Certified Diploma.

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