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How To Feel A Great Backswing

Getting into a good position at the top is important because it puts you up to create the appropriate downswing from within the target line into the ball. A Simple way to learn what a Fantastic position at the top feels like is to perform this exercise:

Address the ball because you normally would, bending over at the waist, with your arms and knees slightly bent. Next, while maintaining your address position, lift the bar and lay it on your right shoulder beside your neck, with your elbows bent and close together. Now turn your shoulders and buttocks in the target exactly as you would if you were creating a full backswing . When your turn is complete, just extend your left arm out till it's almost straight.

Now you are in a good position on top of your swing. Repeat this if you can -- you can also do it at home in front of a mirror -- so when it comes time to play, moving to the proper backswing place will feel like second nature.

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