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Tan cang tourism zone, located in ward 25, Binh Thanh district. With an area of 2.5 hectares, stretching along the Saigon river, this place with cool and useful by the decorated bowl eye, including flowers and the landscape for tourists who have Vietnam visa on arrival application can take photos and record the wonderful moments, not only that, it also have the private space for guests to have quiet moments and private. This is is ideal for tourists to have fun and vacation or organize the family day, the business company organized picnics for employees. It has 6 restaurants, are divided into two types, air conditioning and a garden, is modern design with theatrical splendor, with an area of 5000m2 that can serve at the same time 4000 very suitable for the organization of events: conference, festival, birthday or wedding party. Here you will enjoy the European cuisine - Vietnamese – chinese with a varied menu and rich, such as: grilled pork ribs Russian style, pork intestine, boiled, steamed chicken, onions, porridge, pilaf, spring rolls, Tan, Port, lamb grill, lamb spin the cheese... or the seafood bake with other types of shellfish such as clams, mussels, ark shell, scallop, eyelets, screws... There is a mini-hotel with 19 rooms is equipped with full facilities, as well as guests will be participate in many activities and entertainment of the hotel such as: massage, play tennis, sightseeing, group activities... Van thanh tourist area located on the shores of the river Thi Nghe canal, this place gives you a stillness and peace. Visitors can sit, view or wander on the green lawn along the river and snap a few photos with loved ones with the towing vehicle loaded with goods or the porcelain flowers are everywhere in tourist areas. Here you seem to step into the world of the Vietnamese countryside with the bamboo bridge across the canal, the lotus pond along with the dust... all creating a peaceful scene bring you the feeling of calm and peace. This place is also get organized party, in the lobby option is ideal in wedding, birthday, or gatherings, picnic friends on the weekends. You will enjoy the dishes of the 3 regional cuisine, or the cuisine of a foreign country with the buffet on Saturday 7 and Sunday. This place will brings you exciting experiences about nature and human.
Source: Du Lich
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